Who we Develop your Parts ?


Cad and Cam

It is first step for the development procedure of component.

We develop 3D model with CAD/CAM software according to specification in 2D detailed drawing provided by development seeking company and utilize the 3d model for preparation of tooling and calibrating equipment.


Tool Development

It is manufacturing of mold precisely and accurately using 3D CAD/CAM computer software which is properly analyzed by our engineers.

We work to prepare mold which is efficient, cost effective, suitable for high volume production .Mold built by our technical team eliminate maximum possible machining operation so that production time can be reduced as much as possible.


Heat Treatment

Ferrous material needs to be heat treated to increase strength, hardness, and wear resistance. Hardness varies carbon content, alloying elements, and residual porosity in the material. Our team works, to achieve the desired result for the final part.



In MIM, certain components due to their restricted handling in specific direction, deformation occurs. Because of which we calibrate and bring the component to original shape.


Post Machining (if any)

Many time due to restriction in mold design or in order to speed up the production or getting accurate tolerances, post machining operation have to be performed on final part which is done by skilled engineers in our workplace


Quality control and Inspection

Our goal is to provide best quality to our costumer and for achieving this quality control and inspection is the only way. We inspect the density, ultimate tensile strength, yield tensile strength, hardness, chemical composition and many other mechanical properties in our well equipped QC lab department managed by expert engineers after all given above procedure are completed.


Customer Satisfaction

We always work for better to do our best in term of delivery and service. Even after the delivery our communication remains intact.

If costumer finds any technical difficulty afterward from our side then also we will give immediate and positive response to our costumer and would take the problem under consideration ,coming out with a committed solution.