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The CEO of VDR Metals Inc. Mr. Ganpatsingh Rao is already involved in manufacturing business of polyurethane wheels and precision metal components for textile & woven sack industries since 1996 with his firm named as ZEALOT ENTERPRISE which is reputed among their customer. Zealot enterprise is also global supplier of polyurethane casting component and solution provider of multi component metering, mixing and dispensing of viscous liquid materials .With his experience and contribution of these many years in manufacturing he established new firm VDR Metals Inc. in 2013 carrying a bright vision and taking his experience to next level. Vdr metal is involved in making small and complex steel product with the help of Metal Injection Molding technique.


Established in 2013, VDR Metals Inc. is a dynamic and progressive organization, which manufactures, develops & exports wide range of metal injection molding components bearing unrivalled quality as per costumer need. It has been developing, manufacturing and supplying small and complex shape metal components through MIM (Metal Injection Molding) route.

In 2013 VDR metals inc. was registered with government of India (DGTD) as a small scale Industry. VDR Metals Inc., here at its workplace produce a great MIM product quality with a understanding of individual customer preferences at a minimum cost for different applications mainly in automobile, hardware, textile, electric and electronics, surgical instruments etc. In order to provide accurate & precise components with the best quality, we have implanted latest machinery along with in house facility of quality control lab, handled by skilled and experienced engineers. Because of our good service, ethics and quick response toward our customers our company has enjoyed a great deal of growth and expansion in these years. VDR Metals Inc. wholly owe this to the confidence and trust our customers have shown in us over the years.

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Iso certification -01

Our Vision

There has been stupendous change in metal industry after invention of MIM technology. MIM technology usually allows engineers to create complex shaped tiny metal parts which are complicated to manufacture with conventional machining and casting method in almost all kinds of ferrous and non ferrous metal alloys.

Our company aspires to be India’s most reputed MIM Company solely on basis of quality product, customer satisfaction, immediate response and agreed timely delivery .We (VDR METALS INC) with a motto of “ZERO DEFECT ZERO EFFECT” is one of the few MIM organizations of India. We want our company to take such a high class metal technology to another level where export of MIM product increases.

We want to emerge and expand as a leading global manufacturer of complex tiny part not solely as MIM Company but as a molding hub for almost every material.

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About VDR Metals INC