Advantages of MIM

  • It is process for high volume production in less time and reduced cost.
  • MIM can produce parts where it is difficult, or even impossible, to efficiently manufacture through other means of fabrication. It offers greater design freedom than many other production processes by freeing designers from the traditional constraints associated with trying to shape stainless steel, titanium, high and low carbon steel and tool steel.
  • MIM makes it possible to integrate and consolidate several components into a single molded piece—reducing the need to work with several manufacturers and decreasing processing and assembly costs.
  • Texture, knurling, threads, lettering, and company logos can all be incorporated into the mold which significantly lowers costs.
  • Metal injection molding eliminates inclusion defects which result from unwanted material such as slag or ceramic chips that get into the molten material caused by traditional casting. Also the large pores or gas pockets that often form during traditional casting are eliminated because the material fills the mold entirely.
  • Since the parts are made of metal or alloy powders, purity and corrosion resistance are significantly better than with cast and wrought parts. It eliminates all long and tedious elementary machining operations.

Comparing MIM With Other Manufacturing Process

Metal Injection Molding
  • Complex Shape
  • High Production
  • Low Cost
  • Thin Section
  • Better Surface Finish
  • Density >97%
Powder Pressing
  • Simple Shape
  • High Production
  • Low Cost
  • Fill Thick Section
  • Good Surface Finish
  • Density < 90%
Investment Casting
  • Complex Shape
  • Low Production
  • High Cost
  • Thick section
  • Rough Surface
  • Density – 97% to 100%
  • Complex shape
  • Very Low Production
  • Very High Cost
  • Thin section
  • Very Good Finish
  • Density = 100%

MIM Applications


Biopsy Cups, Dissectors, and Instrument Handles, as well as Hearing-Aid Cans and Orthodontic Braces.

Consumer Products

Kitchen Tools, Toothbrush Parts, Acissors, Watches, Latches, Eyeglass Hinges, and Luggage Clasps.

Electronic & Electrical Components

Heat Sinks, Hermetic Packages, Connectors.


Industrial, Sporting, Jewelry, Hand Tools, Aerospace, Firearm, Computer, Cell phone.

Industrial Components

Valves, Fittings, Connectors

Defence Equipments

What Is MIM